One Call for Everything

I’ve traveled to many wingshooting destinations from Canada to Mexico, Central America, and Argentina. The hand-picked lodges I represent are some the very best that I’ve found. Just one call, and we will arrange the entire trip from door-to-door. We arrange airfare, customs assistance, transfers, overnight extensions, travel insurance, meals, and everything else to complete your total experience.

Reasons To Book With An Agent

  1. An independent agent will book you the best lodge for your needs and budget as well give advice on when to travel. I have multiple lodges to chose from.  Each with unique qualities. The lodge will try to book when they have vacancies.
  2. Doves tend to move around during different times of the year. Some lodges may be closer to the Doves at certain times.
  3. When you book with me, I become your advocate. I let the lodge know what you want and  expect as well as what I expect. The lodge wants me to continue to send them business to them, so they know they need to please both the hunter and myself.
  4. The price is the same booing with an agent or booking direct.


Let us customize your trip to include any combination of game, lodges, sightseeing, city stays or other additions.

Learn More

For more information you can contact Mac’s Wingshooting Adventures by calling: (850) 545-6915. You can also use our contact form to e-mail your questions.

Gear Up

Before you make your trip with Mac, be sure to gear up with Kevin. Kevin’s Fine Outdoor Gear and Apparel is the ultimate resource for your hunting needs. We’ve worked with Kevin for years and his reputation in the industry is unmatched!

Protect Your Trip with Travel Insurance

Many travelers are at risk when planning a vacation without Trip Insurance. The cost of your trip may not be refunded due to a sickness or injury by a member of the travel party, or the impact of inclement weather. Click here for more information and a free quote.

Ask Mac!

Ask Mac for his list of ‘Must Have’ items for a hunting trip to South America. Email him at mac@macswingshooting.com.